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Our Partners

The Ecuadorian Amazon is home to numerous Indigenous Peoples and the territories in which they live, although far fewer and with much smaller populations than prior to European conquest. Nevertheless, in recent years, Indigenous Peoples have mobilized here to fight for their land and have successfully regained property rights to over 50% of the region. This includes our partners the Siekopai (or Secoya), the Siona, and the Cofán (or A’i). The territory of the Siekopai People is called “Siekopai,” and that of the Siona, “Siona.” Our Cofán partners are found in the territories Sinangoe and Zabalo.

The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the world’s last high-biodiversity tropical areas, a region of extraordinary species richness across taxa, where large tracts of intact forests remain. Botanists estimate that the region’s lowland forests are home to between 12,000 and 18,000 species of vascular plants, many of them endemic. Animal species diversity is also high: scientists have identified more than 600 species of birds, 500 species of fish, and 120 species of mammals. 

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